10 Back Squats (135/95)

10 Single Arm DB Rows (R&L)

10 Back Squats (135/95)*

8 Back Squats (155/115)

10 Single Arm DB Rows (R&L)

8 Back Squats (155/115)*

What's the WOD? (Decoding the language of CrossFit)

Workout of the day (WOD): Plain and simple, this is the set of movements that your coach uses to put you through your workout on any given day.

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP): Complete a circuit as many times as you can within a given time frame. For example, six-minute AMRAP: 5 deadlifts, 10 pullups, 20 double unders. When the six minutes is up, record your total rounds completed. Note: AMRAP may also mean “as many reps as possible.”

RX: When a WOD is performed RX’d, that means the athlete performs all movements using the prescribed weight and reps. In CrossFit, all WODs can be scaled down to meet your fitness level, but the goal is to get to a place where the RX is challenging, yet doable.